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Northern Nursery is a Fourth Generation Family owned and operated business which specializes in wholesale trees and residential and commercial landscaping. It was started over 75 years ago by James Plesscher in the town of Rockford Michigan. Here at Northern Nursery we are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and customer satisfaction and take pride in the quality of our trees and the landscapes we produce for our customers.


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Tree Production Expertise

Currently, we produce an impressive range of 5,000 – 8,000 B&B Shade, Ornamental, and Conifer Trees annually. We specialize in 2″ – 8″ Shade and Ornamental trees, as well as 6′ – 30′ Conifer Trees, which we efficiently ship across the Midwest and East Coast. With 63 different varieties of Shade and Ornamental trees and 11 diverse varieties of Conifers, including grafted specialty conifers and shrub material, we offer a comprehensive selection to meet your specific needs.

Employing Dutchman spades, we dig trees with ball sizes ranging from 24″ to 90″. We use heavy wire and 5 or 6 Ring Cherokee baskets with heavy treated burlap, which we double wrap to ensure there are no holes caused by equipment while loading the trees. We make sure our trees are crimped tight with no space between the basket and the tree ball, all of this is done to give you the best possible balled tree.


A Legacy of Excellence

In the early 1950’s James Plesscher moved his family north across the Mackinac Bridge to the small town of Newberry and bought a house on Michigan Highway 28 just outside of town. James established the family business alongside his four dedicated sons who all played a part in making the business work.

 Property was bought a few years later, out in the Lakefield township area, nestled between picturesque North and Big Manistique lakes, and this is where the business has remained for over 60 years, growing deciduous and confer trees on our 600 acre farm.

Initially our major business was government contracts for the air force bases in Kinross and Sawyer Michigan, as well as providing landscaping and tree services to institutions like LSSU in Sault Saint Marie, NMU in Marquette, and HTN in Houghton Michigan. Our nursery primarily grew native sugar maple trees but as time evolved, we adapted and diversified to the proud selection we have today.

In the late 80’s the two sons of the youngest brother (grandchildren of James Plesscher) acquired the business from the other two brothers. These two sons expanded the wholesale and landscaping side of Northern Nursery and expanded into well drilling, fencing and excavating. In the early 2000’s these two brothers had older sons of their own and decided to split up the company to make way for their sons to grow into the business.

At this time, the younger of the two brothers focuses on running the nursery, while the older brother has taken on the other aspects of the family business. 

The younger brother, along with his two sons now run Northern Nursery Inc, bringing you the highest quality trees at the best possible price, we live up to our strong history and commitment to excellence.

Please call to order (906) 586-3357